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On behalf of the AMBA executive board, I want to share some this year's events and tell you about some plans we have for next year. Join us as an AMBA member to stay updated on current employment opportunities. Additionally, AMBA is now partnering with the Pima County Bar Association, to enable new PCBA members to join AMBA in one easy step. 

This year we have offered CLE events during some of our regular meeting times. This not only provides CLE credit as a benefit to our paid members but it is a career development opportunity for those members presenting on CLE topics. Proposed topics include: legal ethics, a criminal procedure case update, juvenile practice in federal and state courts, promoting safe police interactions, preparing for a campaign to become justice of the peace, confronting implicit bias and many more. Please contact me at: [email protected] if you are interested in presenting a CLE this year.

The AMBA website has undergone a number of changes. More resources were added including AMBA's mission statement and information about what we do as an organization is now readily availible. Additionally, for those members who wish to publish their legal articles and reviews online, the AMBA blog will be available for monthly postings. 

In addition to our Annual Scholarship Banquet, this year AMBA will be hosting a Founder's Barbecue. We want to celebrate AMBA 's past leaders as we remember how our organization began and celebrate our growth. We hope you will join us in this fun event to honor AMBA's legacy in the Southern Arizona legal community.

Keep an eye out for announcements for events as well as volunteer opportunities for program development and community service. Together, we are working to benefit our law students with scholarship opportunities, mentoring, and career opportunities while advocating for and reaching out to the Southern Arizona minority community as well.

Join us.

AMBA President

Contact us at:

Arizona Minority Bar Association (AMBA)

P.O. Box 409

Tucson, AZ 85701

Arizona Minority Bar Association

Welcome to the Arizona Minority Bar Association. Our goal is to raise money for scholarships for minority law school students and promote diversity in the legal community.


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